April, 2019
Sunny trip to the lush green Irish countryside.
St Lucia
February, 2019
Exploring this small Caribbean island
December, 2016
Falling in love with the City of Love
July, 2011
My hometown in Spain
Winter in NYC
January, 2018
New Year in the Big Apple
May, 2019
A long-weekend trip to this city in northern France
Sydney From The Sky
December, 2015
The best way to admire the city
April, 2016
Two years as a local
Lofoten Islands
September, 2018
Fjords, fishing cabins, and Northern Lights
May, 2017
Lakes, mountains, and river gorges
March, 2017
Photographing the Alhambra
April, 2018
A small market town in England
Neuschwanstein Castle
November, 2016
Fairy-tale castles in the snow
Sydney Harbour
August, 2012
Mostly at sunsrise or sunset
May, 2016
Architecture, food, and a volcano
January, 2016
Rice fields, temples, and people
April, 2017
Spring surrounded by tulips in the city of canals
USA North-West Road Trip
July, 2017
Family road trip
Summer in NYC
July, 2016
Melting under the scorching sun
May, 2016
Exploring the city
The Red Centre
November, 2013
Exploring the heart of Australia
April, 2012
Mosques, bazaars, and plenty of colour
Cromer Beach Locks
March, 2017
Colourful beach huts and locks
November, 2015
Landscapes and wildlife
Sydney Vivid
May, 2013
Bright lights all over the city
April, 2015
My favourite waterfalls in the world
NSW Seascapes
August, 2012
Coastal New South Wales
Tiny Planets
July, 2016
Cozy intimate worlds
USA South-West Road Trip
August, 2014
Solo road trip
March, 2016
The world seen through a sphere
La Rioja
July, 2012
Beautiful landscapes to fly over
Sydney Beaches
August, 2012
Best photographed at sunrise
The Great Ocean Road
December, 2014
Seascapes, landscapes, and koalas
New Zealand
August, 2013
Road tripping amongst the sheep
December, 2014
Street art, beach huts, and decaying piers
Brighton Beach Locks
December, 2014
Colourful beach huts and locks
Alagna Valsesia
March, 2017
Italian Alps in the snow
NSW Landscapes
August, 2012
Inland New South Wales
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